May 01, 2011

Beautiful Night..and Awkward Hugs (Douche Bag Balloon)

The Cougars stubbled out drunk.!
Talkin' bout my husband's sittin' at home
with the kids.!
And the Kids were out
in the backyard rollin' on "E".!

New bars and old bars
..the drunks repeat the same scenario.!
In an instant the vibe can change.

I watched and watched..
drank and bummed cigarettes
shook hands and smiled
..then the awkward hugs..
more you know
what each other are talkin' about.

In one Joint the DJ's
were rockin' out
The sound..
soundin' like a garage radio on blast.

At the other spot
a band whispered covers..
..the locals
showed them love.!
snappin' they're fingers
and givin'em the
"Fuck Yeah" head nod.

There was a Bouncer wearin' a wife beater..lookin'
like a real cocky fuck
..this Cat workin' on some hot chick,who ended up leavin' her
behind for the Vultures...
..real classy like.
Happy Birthday Hugs
being shared by strangers
Two Nu-Hippie chicks
..talkin' about the Redwoods..
..and I'm starting to think
would anybody notice if
I start drinking PBR.!

April 18, 2011

Somewhere on Hyde Park & Crenshaw...

There's this corner store that always has reggae blarin' from the speakaz into the streets...sometimes Dancehall...sometimes Lovers Rock..but always blared into the street..

The Cat sells Chew Sticks..had this sly look on his face as he broke one in half and said "For" Like a Dr.Feelgood Wolf..hookin' the kids up..cause he knows that..the kids is hooked on the sugar and want ta get off..

Smiles..He speaks in Patois..sometimes its thick...sometimes its not.! Most of the time you cant really hear it over the mash up of lil wanye doin his thang pon a stalag riddim.

April 15, 2011

Dance,Music,Sex,Romance And That Damn Nicotine.!

As a DJ spinning a Prince song or songs during a set is a given.Last night I saw the power that this Sexy Mother Fucker has over people.!The show was SUPER DOPE.!

Living just blocks away from the forum..I can't remember the last time I went to a show there since the Lakers moved to Downtown...and I've seen a lot of shows there.

We parked down at the Vons and walked two blocks up Manchester Blvd...missing were the Jesus Saves Heads that would hang out underneth the Forum sign on Manchester and Prairie before and after the show.

As you got closer to the enterance you start to notice the color purple everywhere.Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was ever gonna be at a Prince Concert.

My ticket read Section/Aisle:Col 29 Row/Box:7 Seat:1 WELCOME 2 AMERICA PRINCE 21 NITE STAND Thu Apr 14 2011 7:30pm...But I was never one to sit in my designated seat..I tend to enjoy walking around and trying to get closer to the stage eventually getting two rows from the floor.

The stage was in the shape of the "Symbol" right dead in the middle of the venue so there was'nt really a bad seat in the house.

The ticket was $25...Parking was FREE for us...but ranged in 10 to 20 bucks...Imported Beer $15..Domestic $13..Bottle Water $4..I didnt really bother looking at the food prices.The Merch Booths were selling T-shirts, Tour Books,necklaces and tamborines with the symbol on 'em..hell they were even selling purple berets.

The New Power Generation Killed it.! The Back Up Singers Killed It.! The show was just AWESOME.! Most definately gonna try to catch one more show.!

I thought the show was over when Sheila E. came out they busted "Love Bizarre" so I just walked out with all the other people when the song was over...but I aint gonna lie...I was dying to smoke a cigarette & thought it best to just to "go for a walk" to get my mind off of cigarettes..ended up walking home...and blocks away from home a lady was...out...on the floor and some young dude was on the phone calling for help...and I said to myself.."Damn,These people must've gotten really fucked up at the concert"..but it was an unrelated insident...I guess someone forgot to take their medicine.


April 13, 2011

3 DJ's On A Sunday Night (SIGHTS & SOUNDS)

Sunday night at a bar....just steps away from The Los Angeles International Airport.DJ's Disco Dee & Ashton Parker a.k.a. O.Escobar Came in to help a brother lay down some dope grooves to finish the weekend off..It turned out to ba a beautiful Sunday Evening.!

February 27, 2011

February 23, 2011

Tall Cans...A Pinball Machine and The Ghettoblaster [DTLA]

This week DJ Dorian is swinging by to bust a set.! Last week was super dope.! I never knew they had a Pinball Machine.But I do know they have Tall Cans and Tall Cans and more Tall Cans.None the less always a great time with really cool people at the Bar 107 in DTLA.Ghettoblaster gives great hugs.! And the "Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Lady" is waiting for ya.!!! That's Right I said "Lady Dressed as a Hot Dog..Wrapped in waiting for you.!! Got the kids downtown sprung on those street wise religion eats.!!

Last Weeks Pics:

It Does Say "In God We Trust"...Doesnt It.!

So I pull up to exit the parking structure and I get charged three dollars.I tell the cashier I have some change for you today.She says "This isnt a Korean Laundry Mat." And I say "Everytime I pull up you guys ask me for change or smaller bills." She says "No we dont." I say "Yes you guys do."
She busts "This isnt a Korean Laundry Mat." Again. "Really?" I answered. "It's not like I'm handing you North Korean Coins." Then she says "That's Communist Korea..I'm not from that Korea." I ask her "Do you enjoy the United States?" She says "Yes." Then I tell her "After you count the change to see if it's all there...can I have a reciept." She says " This No Korean Laundry Mat." And I think to myself if That Korean Laundry Mat is in The United States...its gonna take ALL the change that has "In God We Trust" on it that I hand to them.

As the arm raises to let me out..she says "Thank You" and I ask How do you say that in a North Korean Laundry Mat?" She closes her window and looks away unsatisfied and angry she has to work the graveyard shift.

February 16, 2011

Ghettoblaster * DTLA * Bar 107

This is the flyer for this weeks GHETTOBLASTER,I'm sick with adding the wrinkled paper look on the flyers.Come out and enjoy some of your favorite tunes all on vinyl with a few tall cans for that "Gonna Have A Good Time" feeling.

On Feb.3rd Rick Wren~Orion Escobar @ The Ghettoblaster...

February 09, 2011

Using Dirty Needles

It's Wednesday evening and I've just finished up recording a set I put together with no particular directive but to spin top it off it was a beautiful day out and chime of an ice cream truck....rollin down the streets....made me wanna play some beats..

..and all the while Using Dirty Needles.

February 03, 2011

I Just Hate It When The Recordplayers Are Not Hooked Up.!

Just about everyday I go thru these records...and often find something I did not know I had...or that pile of records that I bought at a thrift store...three month ago..and I still have'nt listened to 'em

Just about everyday I...pull a record it over there..and vice versa.It gets nerve rackin'..wishin' there was just an easier way to keep 'em all in order.

It's almost like..being in a little record store..I can sit in here for hours..looking at covers...all the while playing a whole different record...

Just like a record store...but I've already paid for the records..which let's me get lost in grooves and the cover art work..

Some where bought at thrift stores..or garage sales...or just donated to the revolution..the cause...WHICH IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!!

I think every DJ knows how it feels...when they get home...with a vinyl or sucks...that the recordplayers are not hooked up when they get home...ready to listen to those records.

January 31, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs,Records And People In DTLA.

When I Spin Records At The Ghettoblaster In Downtown Los Angeles I Like To Walk Outside The Bar 107 & Take In The City Just Outside The Key Hole Shaped Door Way.

Shooting The Shit Over Cigarettes Or Talking Bicycles..I Once Came Out And Some Dude Was Getting His Hair "Sculpted" By A Roving Hair Stylist.

But What Is L.A. Without The Street Vendor Slangin Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs Right Outside Of You Favorite Watering Hole.


January 25, 2011

Is Shy Girl Still With Puppet

A Couple Crates of Long Negleted Records were donated the other day.

These records...came in very bad condition...out of their proper sleeves..some dusty and cracked.
I smoked cigarettes while I handled them..and everytime I handle old negleted records like these I just picture all the years these records once entertained someone.

The scribble of a teen girl "La Shy Girl Con El Puppet"

The classic darkening of a tooth..from a singers headshot...maybe even a mustache penciled in.

These records once defined someone's life...made them happy...made them long for love..made them wake up in the morning and get their hustle on...maybe even made someone tie one a bad way.

These records were being cleaned me....who wants to bring them back to life..if the grooves permit.

Putting out my cigarette...Lookin'at my dirty,dusty fingertips...I Wonder
..If Shy Girl is still with Puppet?

January 19, 2011

Funky Little Chill Pill

This is a mix I named...Funky Little Chill Pill. It's a mixture of Jazz,Electronic Beats and Funky Grooves. It came about just thinking of all those cats sitting in front of thier computer at work...wishin' they were somewhere else...Like Spinning Records... Hope you enjoy the trip.!


1.Sugar Hill/Jimmy Smiths

2.Stereo Freeze/Jackie Mitoo

3.Slims Return/Ahmad Miller:Vibes~DJ Lord Such:Cuts

4.Sanford and Son Theme/Lou Donaldson

5.Forgot About Dre/Hidden Beach Recordings Vol.1

6.Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey/Ramsey Lewis

7.Girl From Ipanema/Stan Getz

8.Metti Una Sera A Cena/Balanco (JAZZANOVA REMIX)

9.Fast Lane/Gil Scott-Heron

10.Lady Of Spain/Don Catelli and the All Stars

11.Super Bad,Super Slick/James Brown

12.Walk From Regio's/Isaac Hayes (SHAFT Soundtrack)

13.The Joker/Wes Montgomery

14.Echale Salsita/Ry Cooder and Manuel Galban

15.Indra/Theivery Corperation

16.Funky Blue Note/Madlib

17.I Get Around/Hidden Beach Recordings Vol.1

18.California Soul/The 5th Dimension

19.Chain Gang/Sam Cooke

20.Make Your Move/Hieroglyphics w/Goapele

21.Darker Shade of Black/Jackie Mitoo


January 18, 2011

BOMBILLA (Friday 21st,2011) Orgins Of Bombilla!

BOMBILLA came about one rainy night in DTLA.On our break from spinning records Eazy Uno and I got to talking about records and how as youths we remembered the family sitting around the recordplayer listening to the records our fathers would play and how we were not to touch our fathers records.Years later we would end up with those records in our collection as we started to get deeper into DJing.

Those records (My Fathers Records)are worth more to me than any other in my collection.Some have his name written on the covers which makes 'em even extra special..they take me back to when I was a kid.When I play those records I feel my father is right there with me..telling me to spin this song and then that song.

So with Eazy Uno,Orion Escobar and Slops Rox...BOMBILLA will come to life.!Dope Records and Good Times!!!

BOMBILLA is a an homage to Family,Friends and Those Great Vinyl Records!!.Come Enjoy The Records and Dance and Enjoy Life.!

January 12, 2011

I Met A Girl Named Sunday.. an Office Depot..She help print out this poster...I noticed her name tag read "Sunday"...I asked if that was her real name..she said Yes...I say..Thats really cool.!

Then I asked...were you born on a sunday?..she said yeah. Aaaaand I said..Thaaats Crrazy.! My name's "Domingo".! That's spanish for...Sunday.!

Sunday says...Really?!
And I say...Nah.!
But that would've been crraaazeee!

Then Sunday sez to me...I've never met someone named Domingo...Then I thought to myself..neither have I.

January 10, 2011

A Box of Old Dusty Cassette Tapes

I believe everybody has a box of old cassette tapes sittin' around somewhere...they're almost like photos...when you have 'em in your hand...they take you back to better times...or maybe even bad times...none the less they were your bestfriend...especially that "mixtape" someone gave you.I remember splicing the tape back together when they would get tangled up in the mechanism & you had to rip the tape outta the deck...then there were those one tapes that sounded like they were being played underwater.But many for me have their own personality...I'm just wondering how that Bon Jovi tape got in this box.

January 09, 2011

Punk Rockers,Vinyl Junkies and Taco Trucks

My Evenings Are Usually filled with Punk Rockers....talking to people who'll listen about vinyl records & late night rendezvous with different Taco Trucks around & about in the city of Los Angeles...California...I love you but your bringing me down.