January 31, 2012

Dancing,Talking Loud & Drinking Themselves Beautiful

I sit & watch people
as I spin records
& try to figure out whats going thru their minds

Not that I really care to know
but it sure as hell helps to pass the time away
in any situation
if you ask me

You'll have Dudes huddled up
jockin' Chicks from across the bar
           who know they're being jocked
& play the game of
cause TONIGHT.!
They Have Baby Sitters.!

You'll have the older Cats
who are Super Drunk
but can handle their business
& only talk to the bartenders
& tend to keep to themselves

They drink their drink
& occasionally look up at me
what the fuck is this guy playing
with bloodshot eyes & weathered smirks

Some don't even drink
They came in just to Dance & pass the time away
play some pool
       or maybe eat something

And I'll keep spinning records
for the People
          & the People will continue on
with their night out

Talking Loud,
Drinking Themselves
              Or Others Beautiful

And as the time passes
One of the Guys comes up
to ask me of a favor
witch is usually
if I can play a song for him
& some Girl he still hasn't even went  up & talked to yet.


To Everyone Who Made It Out Saturday Night For BOMBILLA's One Year Anniversary.! THANK YOU.!
For Coming Out & Enjoying The Music,Dancing & Keeping The Fire Burning.! I Think The Picture Of Eazy Uno Explains Our Gratitude.!

January 30, 2012

Pretty Cool DJ

I jump in my car
                      to warm it up.
And I sit and Tweet
                       something stupid.

Then put it in to Drive
                            and pull out in to the World.
My pants are dirty
       The car smells of cigarette butts
               and I'm low on gas.

From the radio comes
                a backyard boogie classic
                   that the Hipster DJ's in Silver Lake
                                 wont play for fear of being called
                                  "A Pretty Cool DJ".!

I'm gonna drive nowhere
       and think of a thousand things to say

Go to the record store and 
                 buy some records

Eat something greasy
and eventually end up 
smokin a cigarette
drinkin tea
and Tweeting 
something stupid like...
I'm DJing for
A Friend 
of a Friend
who knows
the Mayor of Inglewood
 Baby Shower.!
and hashtag it

Then someones gonna retweet it
and add a hashtag of their own

January 26, 2012

The Taco Truck Had Music Coming From Out The Stereo Speakers..

What Was The Occasion?
The Beautiful Evening Or
The Motorcycle Gang Of Ramp Agents
Partying & Smoking Blunts
Drinking Beer & Burnin' Rubber.
In The Parking Lot.!

All I Know Is
I'm Waiting For My Tacos
When This Cat
 Who Had This
Real Dumb Look On His face
Walks Up & Stands Next To Me.

 He Asks If I'm In Line.
And I'm thinkin'
I'm Nowhere Near The Ordering Window Boy-O
 But I Just Say Nah.!
He Says OK
     & Skittles On By.
 Thats When I Noticed That This Dude Is..
...Fuuuucked Up.!
He's Swayin' BIG TIME.!
Dude Doesn't  Even Know What The Fuck He's Gonna Order.!
 He's Just Trying Not To Fall Back.!
 Lookin' Around...

This Dude Looks Like He's Fifteen
       He's A Security Guard At The Airport
       His Sloppy Uniform & An  L.A.X. Badge Gave That Away
Outta The Woodwork Comes His Lady
To Take The Money He's Got Crumpled In His Hand
To Pay For The Food

He's Combative
He's Got That
               Bitch-I-Know-What-I'm-Doin' Thing Goin' On
And The-Baby-I-Love-You Thing Comes In To Play
Every Time She Catches Him When He Falls Backwards
                                                                     To Guzzle Water
As If It Were A Bottle Of Cheap Booze
And He's The Rock Star
In A 80's Heavy Metal Video.!

And His Lady
Who Was Watchin' Out For Him
Looked Like His Mom
She Had This Look Like
I Hope He's Not To Drunk To Fuck Later.

Now Thats Love I Thought.
Must Be The Music Comin' From The Taco Trucks
Sound System.!

January 20, 2012

The People...Smile.!

Those Smiles Are..Fake..Some Pretty...Some Busted.! She Smiles..With Teeth...Broken..From Past Loves.! Yet Her Face... Seems...Prettier.! She Broke Thousands Of Hearts...But Never Could ... ..She Fall In Love...With A Thousand Monkeys... Again.! The Cage Is Filthy.. But..! Someone's Gonna Clean It Up.! And..Love Never Lived Here... Yet We Always..Think..It...Could've..Would've..Should've...Aaaaand Kinda Knew That.! You Gotta Play The "Game".! And The Game..Is To...Stop..And Act Like You're....Smelling The Rose's.! Then The People...All Smile.! #ThatStupidSmirk #ofcoursewedo

January 19, 2012

Connecting Wires,Spinning Records,Dust Bunnies & Trying To Keep My Chucks Clean.!

It's 2012 & The Los Angeles Weather Has Been At It's Best.! Warm Summer Like Days & Chilly Wintertime Nights.! Just Like I Like It...Happiness Is A Clean Pair Of Socks & Every American Deserves A Clean Pair Of Socks.! I Once Answered My Own Question... ..Why Cant I Wear Socks On My Hands? Answer... ..Cause Thats What Mittens Are For.! #stupidcubandudeproblem
This Was The First Broadcast Of 2012 Put Together With Records That Were Just Lying Around In Arms Reach In A Dark Room Stoned & Slightly Hungover I Play Records & I Play Them For You.!