February 27, 2011

Beth I Hear You Callin'...

But I Cant Swing By Right Now
Cause Me And The Homies Are
Gangsta Rappin'......All Niiiiiight.!

February 23, 2011

Tall Cans...A Pinball Machine and The Ghettoblaster [DTLA]

This week DJ Dorian is swinging by to bust a set.! Last week was super dope.! I never knew they had a Pinball Machine.But I do know they have Tall Cans and Tall Cans and more Tall Cans.None the less always a great time with really cool people at the Bar 107 in DTLA.Ghettoblaster gives great hugs.! And the "Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Lady" is waiting for ya.!!! That's Right I said "Lady Dressed as a Hot Dog..Wrapped in Bacon..is waiting for you.!! Got the kids downtown sprung on those street wise religion eats.!!

Last Weeks Pics:

It Does Say "In God We Trust"...Doesnt It.!

So I pull up to exit the parking structure and I get charged three dollars.I tell the cashier I have some change for you today.She says "This isnt a Korean Laundry Mat." And I say "Everytime I pull up you guys ask me for change or smaller bills." She says "No we dont." I say "Yes you guys do."
She busts "This isnt a Korean Laundry Mat." Again. "Really?" I answered. "It's not like I'm handing you North Korean Coins." Then she says "That's Communist Korea..I'm not from that Korea." I ask her "Do you enjoy the United States?" She says "Yes." Then I tell her "After you count the change to see if it's all there...can I have a reciept." She says " This No Korean Laundry Mat." And I think to myself if That Korean Laundry Mat is in The United States...its gonna take ALL the change that has "In God We Trust" on it that I hand to them.

As the arm raises to let me out..she says "Thank You" and I ask How do you say that in a North Korean Laundry Mat?" She closes her window and looks away unsatisfied and angry she has to work the graveyard shift.

February 16, 2011

Ghettoblaster * DTLA * Bar 107

This is the flyer for this weeks GHETTOBLASTER,I'm sick with adding the wrinkled paper look on the flyers.Come out and enjoy some of your favorite tunes all on vinyl with a few tall cans for that "Gonna Have A Good Time" feeling.

On Feb.3rd Rick Wren~Orion Escobar @ The Ghettoblaster...

February 09, 2011

Using Dirty Needles

It's Wednesday evening and I've just finished up recording a set I put together with no particular directive but to spin records...to top it off it was a beautiful day out and chime of an ice cream truck....rollin down the streets....made me wanna play some beats..

..and all the while Using Dirty Needles.

February 03, 2011

I Just Hate It When The Recordplayers Are Not Hooked Up.!

Just about everyday I go thru these records...and often find something I did not know I had...or that pile of records that I bought at a thrift store...three month ago..and I still have'nt listened to 'em

Just about everyday I...pull a record here...place it over there..and vice versa.It gets nerve rackin'..wishin' there was just an easier way to keep 'em all in order.

It's almost like..being in a little record store..I can sit in here for hours..looking at covers...all the while playing a whole different record...

Just like a record store...but I've already paid for the records..which let's me get lost in grooves and the cover art work..

Some where bought at thrift stores..or garage sales...or just donated to the revolution..the cause...WHICH IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!!

I think every DJ knows how it feels...when they get home...with a vinyl record...new or used...how much..it sucks...that the recordplayers are not hooked up when they get home...ready to listen to those records.