September 10, 2012

Bombilla Returns For Another Scorcher For The End Of Summer

I Never Realized How Much Bombilla 
Was Gonna Have Such An Impact On People
People Hit Me Up About Bombilla On The Streets
People Ask Me About Bombilla On The Social Networks
And To Think All Came About
On A Drunken Night
In December 2010
In A Conversation With Eazy Uno
About Sitting Around 
On Days Our Fathers Didn't Have To Work
& Listening To All The Joints & Jams
Our Fathers Played
& How Those Days Are Embedded In Our Minds
I Do That With My Own Son To This Very Day

Bombilla Is A Labor Of Love
I Appreciate Everyone Involved
Eazy Uno & Slops Rox From Vinyl Sessions
Orion Escobar AKA #Larry AKA Chankla Fron Arbor Village Co
The Past Guest DJ's
Mando Fever
Canyon Cody
The Big Homie Eduardo Bedoy 
To The Melody Bar Staff
To All Who Attend 
The Bombilla Parties
Thank You All

Below Is The Recent Event Flyer
& Some Pictures I've Remixed
For Your Viewing Pleasure 
See You All Soon

La Luz Que Nunca Se Apaga
(The Light That Never Goes Out)