May 30, 2012

Passin' On The Luck #found #penny #karma

Walking in to a gas station
Thats also slanging fried chicken & over cooked hot dogs
I find a penny facing up

As I picked up the penny
I sang the song
See A Penny
Pick It Up
All Day Long You'll Have
Good Luck
Placed it in the little pocket of my Levi's
Where I often put my change
& went about my day

Later on in the evening
After a couple blunts
& burrito
I pull in to a donut shop
For a chocolate fix

A tall homeless man holding a puppy
Comes up to me
& asks for a maple bar
& in return he'll
Fix any dents
Or scratches on the whip

At that instant
As I was buying the maple bar
another homeless dude approaches me
Wearing a dirty comforter like
Mother Mary
Puts his hand out & mumbles something that sounded like
Can I have some change

I reach in to my pockets & come up empty
Before I say
I remembered the small pocket
& pulled out
Two quarters
A dime
& the lucky penny from earlier
& hand it to him

I sat there
ate the donut
& we all went on our separate ways

See a penny
Pick it up
Pass it on
& receive
Karma bucks.!

May 29, 2012

O.P.R.P Other Peoples Record Players

It never fails
I go out & DJ 
Someones always gonna have
An after party
& they invite me cause they wanna show me their
Record Collection

I guess you can say that
After Hour Parties at someones house
Are usually the same

Guys huddle around a table 
Littered of beer cans
And the Girls spend most of their time
gathering in a bathroom that's too small for them all
 And when they come together
Usually in the living room 
its a game of 
Can be the Cutest
Can be the Coolest
And Who
Can be the Loudest

On this particular evening
This cat
I've forgotten his name
Remember that he had a thick accent
Showed off his record collection
Which was cool
I'm always one to go straight thru 
The records as if I was at a record store 
It's just something I instinctively do

But this night what had me in awe 
Was his record player
It was one of those ones from 60's or 70's
That they had in school when I was a kid
   And the fact that it still worked

The party continued
But now the guys are
Arguing over what type of music to play 
On the Radio
And the Girls
Are still trying see 
Exactly how many of then can actually fit in the bathroom

May 10, 2012

Broke Out In Hives

Cause I had sex with someone in a car
So now I can't have sex in a car
So I shot her a text
That read:
I broke out in hives after we did it in the car
I must be allergic to you
She texts back
lol u r so funny

But I wasn't kidding
A Clinic Hospital Doctor
Who was in "between jobs"
Whatever the fuck that meant
That when I break out in hives its cause
I'm around
Something I'm allergic too

He gave me two shots in the ass
Joked about my beard
& even suggested that I should
"Maybe Stop Smoking Cigarettes"

So I sent her another text
That read:
I'm serious
Now you owe me twenty seven dollars

She didn't reply

I hadn't seen
Or talked to her
In like two months
When one night in
Downtown L.A.
She tapped me on the shoulder
& as I was turning she said
"I thought You were allergic to me"
I replied
"I am but the police wont let me get a restraining order on you"

She laughed
& said
"You're So Funny"
& started to introduce me to her friends
Who all dressed like each other
& drank from the same
PBR Tall Can

I kinda smiled
& took the opportunity to
Excuse Myself
To go smoke some weed
Cause I was starting to feel
Itchy & Uncomfortable

Pon walking out
The DJ played
A song that was once obscure
When it dawned on me

I might just be allergic to Hipsters
& That My Clinic Hospital Doctor
Who was in "between jobs"
Might just be doing too much Oxycontin
Which could explain his
"in-between jobless"

May 09, 2012

Déjà Vu @ A Red Light

A Pretty Girl
With Obviously
A Ton Of Make Up On
Hides Behind
Big Dark Sunglasses
Waiting For The Light To Turn Green

Some Cats Sittin'
On A Twenty Inch Rimmed
Buick Regal
          Puffin' On A Blunt
          & Bumpin'
The Latest Douche Baggery Song
That Half A Block Radius Can Hear
Try To Get Her Attention
With Cat Calls & "Say Ma"s & "Hey Girl"s

She Looked Over For a Quick Minute
Gave A Little Smile
So As To Not Crack The Foundation Of Her Face
And Went Back To
Twirling Her Hair

Waits For The Light To Turn Green
And Wishes That What She has Done
To Her Face
She Could Beautify Her Whip

As The Light Turns Green
Her Car Back Fires
& Slowly
Rattles Up Commercial St.
On To Work
Where She's
1 Of The 1000 Beautiful Girls
& Not 1 Of The 3 Ugly Ones
Her Job Boasts About