May 09, 2012

Déjà Vu @ A Red Light

A Pretty Girl
With Obviously
A Ton Of Make Up On
Hides Behind
Big Dark Sunglasses
Waiting For The Light To Turn Green

Some Cats Sittin'
On A Twenty Inch Rimmed
Buick Regal
          Puffin' On A Blunt
          & Bumpin'
The Latest Douche Baggery Song
That Half A Block Radius Can Hear
Try To Get Her Attention
With Cat Calls & "Say Ma"s & "Hey Girl"s

She Looked Over For a Quick Minute
Gave A Little Smile
So As To Not Crack The Foundation Of Her Face
And Went Back To
Twirling Her Hair

Waits For The Light To Turn Green
And Wishes That What She has Done
To Her Face
She Could Beautify Her Whip

As The Light Turns Green
Her Car Back Fires
& Slowly
Rattles Up Commercial St.
On To Work
Where She's
1 Of The 1000 Beautiful Girls
& Not 1 Of The 3 Ugly Ones
Her Job Boasts About

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