May 29, 2012

O.P.R.P Other Peoples Record Players

It never fails
I go out & DJ 
Someones always gonna have
An after party
& they invite me cause they wanna show me their
Record Collection

I guess you can say that
After Hour Parties at someones house
Are usually the same

Guys huddle around a table 
Littered of beer cans
And the Girls spend most of their time
gathering in a bathroom that's too small for them all
 And when they come together
Usually in the living room 
its a game of 
Can be the Cutest
Can be the Coolest
And Who
Can be the Loudest

On this particular evening
This cat
I've forgotten his name
Remember that he had a thick accent
Showed off his record collection
Which was cool
I'm always one to go straight thru 
The records as if I was at a record store 
It's just something I instinctively do

But this night what had me in awe 
Was his record player
It was one of those ones from 60's or 70's
That they had in school when I was a kid
   And the fact that it still worked

The party continued
But now the guys are
Arguing over what type of music to play 
On the Radio
And the Girls
Are still trying see 
Exactly how many of then can actually fit in the bathroom

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