July 09, 2013

Bombilla...A Third World Sound System Joint.!

Summertime In Southern California
People In Taped Up Cars
Rollin' Into The Night
Poncho Sanchez
Riding The Smooth Rhythm
Of That Besame Mama Joint

Bombilla Sound System Calentura 

I Often Sit Up Late At Night
Listening To Records 
Straining My Stoned Eyes
To Read The Inner Sleeves
& I Can Feel The Record Dust
Build On My Fingertips

I Usually Fall
& Wake Up To The 
Record Spinning 
On The Last Groove

I Don't Think It's Good
For The Needles
To Be Running Like That
Cause It Wears Them Out Quickly
But Just As Quick 
I'll Go Out
& Score New Ones...
..Needles & Records

Bombilla Presents Third World Sound System
Wednesdays The 10th & 24th Of July
At The Carbon In Culver City
Come Out & Dance
It's What Your Body 
Really Wants You To Do
During The Summer