March 31, 2012


Ya la encontro (Estaba en el empeño) by Snow Balderas Music by Snow Balderas Cumbia Theme by lewis cancut Captain Cumbia remix WESTERN SOUNDTRACK vs SLY & ROBBIE [Hang'Em High] "Soundclash Edit" by Captain Cumbia Los Miticos Del Ritmo - Otro Muerde El Polvo (Another One Bites The Dust) by Soundway Cutty Ranks - Original Ranks (Baddas Rmx) by flexitime JAMAICA JAMAICA by BRIGADIER JERRY

March 29, 2012

Stoned,Drunk & R.E.M. Records | Video

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I Remember
Looking Over A Man Made Lake
Somewhere In The Outskirts
South West Miami
Trippin' On L.S.D.
When I Heard R.E.M.
Blarin' From
Some Chicks Busted Ass Honda Civic

I Had Listened To Them Before
But I'm Guessin' The Acid Had A Major
Embedding R.E.M.
In My Mind Forever

The Car Was Fucked Up But The Sound System Was Dope
Or Maybe I Was Too Doped Up To Realize The Car Wasn't Busted
    It Was Just That The Sound System Was Fucked Up

In Any Case
The Music Reminds Me
Of The South:
With All Its Open-ness
I Never Felt Cluttered
               Or Choked Out By A City.        
The Humidity
Even After It Rained
It Was Like Sitting Outside In A Sauna
              & All The Big Ass Bugs,
Raccoons,Possums & Reptiles
That You Just Dont See In Los Angeles
That Shit Was Craaaazy.!
But I Enjoyed It All.!
Hell It Was When I Walked In To
A Bar In Tampa,
Sat & Drank Beer
& Listened To This Cat
Spin Records
That Made Me Want To Become A DJ

So When I Moved Back To L.A.
& Started To DJ
I'd Find Myself
Like A Sad Professor
Going To The "Rock/Alternative" Sections
& Dig For R.E.M. Records
To Complete The Collection
On Vinyl.

Every Now & Then
I'll Pull Out The Records
Slap 'em On The Turntables
& Go Back To That Evening
Trippin' BALLS
& Wondering
What Happened
To My Fuckin' Shoes.

1.We Walk
2.Gardening At Night
3.So.Central Rain
5.(Dont Go Back To) Rockville
6.Feeling Gravity's Pull
7.Fall On Me
8.Cant Get There From Here
9.Me In Honey
10.There She Goes Again (Velvet Underground Cover)
11.What's The Frequency,Kenneth?
12.Monty Got A Raw Deal
13.Love Is All Around (The Troggs Cover)
14.Exhuming McCarthy
15.Imitation Of Life
16.Bang And Blame
17.Star 69
18.Cant Get There From Here [*Played Again]
19.These Days
20.Driver 8
21.I Believe

March 28, 2012

Bumpin' Country Music In Inglewood

It's On La Cienega & Manchester
Heading West
With No Particular Place To Go
When I Realized
That I've Been Driving With The Radio
Dialed To A Country Station.

I Got To Chuckling A Bit
As I Waited For The Light To Turn Green
I Searched For Another Station

There Was The Station Where Hip Hop Lives,
                  Music For Hipsters & Rockaholics
                  Some Lady & Dude Talkin' Bout
                                                              Reforming Something Or The Other.
                  Numerous Latin Stations Playing
                                                           Songs de Amor y Traición 
                 And They All Played Five
                                              After Every Third Song.

I Was Surprised I Didn't Hear Some Cat
Speakin' On The Word Of God
As I Took All Of Three To Four Seconds
Of My Life To Figure Out If I Wanted To
Stay Or Keep The Train Rollin'
On To The Next Dumb Ass Station.

The Light Turned Green
& The Cars To The Left & Right Of Me
       Shot Off
& The White Pick Up Truck Behind Me
Started To Beep Beep
It's Little Beepin' Car Horn

Slowly I Drive Off
Looking In To The Rear View Mirror
The Owner Of The Pick Up Truck
Speeds Up
Switches Lanes
& Now Is On My Left Hand Side
Barking & Waving His Hands
At Me
& I Look & Smile & Say
It's The Fuckin Radio.!

The Driver Shakes His Head
& Passes Me Up
About Six Blocks Up
& Few Minutes Cursing About How This Cat
Was Just A Plain Jerk
I Was Back On The Country Station
& Pulling In To A Parking Spot.

For A Minute There
I Found Myself Saying
Country Music Ain't That Bad
Its The People Who Listen To It
Which Made Me Chuckle Again

March 21, 2012

BOMBILLA | MARCH 31 | FLYER | #32142


There Will Always Be Those
Songs That Make You Wanna
Really Groove Too
When Your Cleaning Out Yo' Ranfla
& You See
A Sexy Chick Smoking
A Cigarette
Chick,Chicky Boom
Its Voodoo
On The Zoot Suit Kat
& The Queen Bee.!

March 31st
Eazy Uno
Orion Escobar
& Slops Rox
Along With
Very Special Guest DJ
Mando Fever

@ Melody Bar & Grill
    9132 Sepulveda Blvd.
    Westchester,CA 90301

I Kinda Dig On The Flyer
Its Sensuous
In Its Ol'Vintage Way.!

March 15, 2012

Tacos de Cumbia+Dancehall+Funk+Disco

When I'm Not Out & About Gigging
Or Standing On The Corner With The Homies
Singing Songs From The 50's
Around A Trash Can With A Fire Burnin' To Keep Us Warm

I'm Usually Looking For Music
Be It Digital Or Analog
From A Record Store Or Thru The Internet

These Are Some Super Cool Joints
From DJ's & Producers Around The World
I Hope You Enjoy The Selection

March 14, 2012


At Times It Seems As If There's A Traffic Jam In My Head
You Have That One Asshole
Swervin' in & Outta Traffic
Who Isn't Really Going Anywhere
But Swears They Are
Cause They're In Constant Movement

The Kids Behind You Bumpin'..
..Lord Knows What
Cause The Fuckin Trunk
Is Rattling Just As Loud As The Music

You Got Sirens
Car Alarms
New Found Lovers
Exchanging Cell Phone Numbers
From Car To Car
Traffic Construction
Your Own Cell Phone Is Going Off
Notifying You
Someone Liked The Comment You
Posted 3 Hours Ago
& A Text Reading
5 Times