May 01, 2013

Social Media,Love & Whiskey

In Not So Many Words She Said 
Look At These Tits 
The Sweater Was Small & Pink 
But I've Seen Enough Daytime Talkshows
To Know Her Bra Was Too Small
For What She Was Displaying 

Her Date Would Occasionally Poke At Her Boobs
Dude Knew 
Other Dudes Were Checking Her Out
It Almost Looked 
Too Sad
The Way He Made It A Point To Say
I Came With This Bitch

She Had That 
I'm Tipsy Demeanor 
And He Had That
That Made Their Relationship
Look Like 
A Craigslist Match Made In Heaven

She Stumbled Up
To The DJ Booth
With A Shot
Handed It To Me
Said Something
That Sounded Like
Followed By A Well Seasoned
Drunks Smile

As I Smelled The Nasty
Stench Of Whiskey
I Returned The Smile Cause...
I Don't Like Whiskey

She Continued To Stand There
As If She Was Waiting For Me To Drink
The Shot
Maybe Even To Hear
Possibly Even Dance
To The Song She Believes
Is Gonna Be Played

From The Bar
Her Lover
Gives Me The Thumbs Up
Right Before He Goes
Back To Updating His
Social Status
To Friends Who Thinks He's A Pimp
On The Other Side Of The Country