May 30, 2012

Passin' On The Luck #found #penny #karma

Walking in to a gas station
Thats also slanging fried chicken & over cooked hot dogs
I find a penny facing up

As I picked up the penny
I sang the song
See A Penny
Pick It Up
All Day Long You'll Have
Good Luck
Placed it in the little pocket of my Levi's
Where I often put my change
& went about my day

Later on in the evening
After a couple blunts
& burrito
I pull in to a donut shop
For a chocolate fix

A tall homeless man holding a puppy
Comes up to me
& asks for a maple bar
& in return he'll
Fix any dents
Or scratches on the whip

At that instant
As I was buying the maple bar
another homeless dude approaches me
Wearing a dirty comforter like
Mother Mary
Puts his hand out & mumbles something that sounded like
Can I have some change

I reach in to my pockets & come up empty
Before I say
I remembered the small pocket
& pulled out
Two quarters
A dime
& the lucky penny from earlier
& hand it to him

I sat there
ate the donut
& we all went on our separate ways

See a penny
Pick it up
Pass it on
& receive
Karma bucks.!

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