February 23, 2012

In That One Bar In Pasadena + Pictures

Waiting On The Bartender To Serve Us Beer
He's A Pin Cushion Of A Wanna Be Rock Star

White Girls Dance With Corn Fed Assholes
Who Are Already 
Drunk On Cheap Beer
In The Bar That's The Size
Of A Two Car Garage
And It's Only 11pm

Finally Get A Beer
Cop A Seat
Away From The Bar
& The Light Show
Bounces Off A Sweaty Chick
In A Kobe Bryant Jersey
Who I Hope Is Dancing
& Not In The Act Of Falling Out

She's Done
& Her Cousin Knows It
As He Tries To Pawn Her Off
To Some Hipster Cats
That Walked In & Look 
Too Young Or
 Are Too Broke To Go To A Strip Joint

The DJ Spins Tunes From His Eclectic
Collection Of Music
In His Laptop

The Bar Back Walks Around
With A Stack Of Empty
Pint Glasses 

And As I Go Outside For A Cigarette Break
The Bouncer
Asks Me For A Lighter
Lights A Stick Of Incense
Tells Me
That Earlier In The Evening
Some Drunk Dude
Puked All Over The Entrance
& That
That's Why 
He Doesn't Like To Get
Drunk On Cheap Beer

That's Cause You're  A Pimp
I Tell Him 
He Chuckles 
& Says To Me
You Don't Know How Many Chicks
I've Hooked Up With Here
Nor Do I Really Give A Fuck
 You Big Skipper
From Gilligan's Island
Lookin' Mutha Fucka
I Thought To Myself
As  I Ask For My Lighter Back

February 06, 2012

Down On The Corner

Late Night Drive
Three In The Morning
Street Lights Flashing
No Particular Place To Go
Just A Desire To Be Out And About
Listening To KCRW
On The Radio
And Smoking A Cigarette
And Occasionally Shaking My Fist
At The Beautiful Moon