March 12, 2018

Magical Cosmic Disco Units From 1976 To 1983

Magical Disco Cosmic Units 
From 1976 To 1983
 Transmitted By DJ Creepy

March 08, 2018

Pan y Café Un Mixtape Preparado Por DJ Creepy

Over The Years Of DJing I've Accumulated Lots Of Equipment.This Mixtape Was Made Using A Technic 1200,An Old Stanton Turntable & A Discontinued Vestax 05 Mixer With Some Of Its Knobs Missing.I Call It My Third World Sound System & The Mix Is Called Pan y Café..An Offering To People Who Would Come By My Parents House For A Visit.
So In Homage To A Tradition I Offer To You Pan y Cafe.!

February 28, 2018

Mujer Inna Metallica T-Shirt & A Little Blue Bag Of Molly's

Stops Dancing 
Cause The DJ 
Was Just Involved 
In A Train Wreck

So She Lost Herself
In The Disco Lights
And Background Visuals
Of 70's Soul Train Dancers

December 06, 2017

MixTaping In The Big City.!

In a house a block away from the Inglewood Public Library i recorded this mix all the way live in 59 degree weather Later on that evening I ended up at a taco truck parked in an alley behind a warehouse that housed these old L.A.Times newspaper vending machines by The Los Angeles International Airport


August 02, 2017

How Old Do I Need To Look To Get In To The Bar She Said.!

I was standing outside shooting the shit with the bouncer
 When these two chicks walk up to me they were obviously of age to drink 
but I guess from what the bouncer said Its required by California law
 that everyone is suppose to have a valid I.D to hang out in a bar or a place
that is serving alcohol

She said I.D is in her car
her and her friend walked off..
..came back 
and asked
How old do I need to look to get in the bar again

the bouncer and i laughed
and after a little flirtatious banter
her let her in

then looked at me and said
if her friend wasn't wearing
no bra
to were her nipples
staring at him
she wouldn't have been let in

I said Word
and thought
the same thing

And the DJ busted 
Chubb Rocks
Treat em Right

Then the bouncer
did a lil dance and lit a cigarette

October 02, 2015

Stupendously Something Else

The Miracle Of Sound In Motion
Dynamic Directional Stereo
Cecil Played The Fuck Outta
     The Congo Drum

Drum Drumming Congo Player
Dropped Heavy Palmed
Hands On The Skins

Tanga Tika Tanga Tika

The Miracle Of Sound In Motion

33 1/3 Revolutions

It's Stupendously Something Else

Speed It Up Slow It Down
Play The Fuck Out Of That
Record Player Playing
That Vinyl Percussion

Stupendously Something Else by Dj Creepy on Mixcloud

September 03, 2015

Punk Rockers Smoking Weed In The Parking Lot

Outside In The Parking Lot
Were Some Punk Rockers
Smoking Weed
& Talking Politics

Lookin' Like They've Been Standing 
In Front Of A Graveyard For Forty Long Years
I Figured Cause
They Tossed The Word
Reaganomics Around
Like It Was A Bag Of Cocaine
In The 80's

Outside In The Parking Lot
Were Some Punk Rockers
Smoking Weed
& Talkin' Johnny Rotten..
..Then Of Johnny Lydon

One Had A Sleevelss Shirt 
Showin' Side Boob Of 
The Only Band That Matters
Another Rocked A Brand Spankin' New
Dead Kennedy's Logo

All Of Them Wore Black Chucks
& None Of Them Gave Two Fucks
About Smoking Weed In The Parking Lot
Of The Santa Fe Swap Meet