June 09, 2015

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March 09, 2015

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Gateway Noise To The World

If It Isn't The Little Dog Next Door
With Its Yelping
Or The Planes Flying Into The 
Gateway To The World
Its The Reconstruction Of Garages
From A Single 
Into A Double

Preferably Would Rather Listen To
Electric Or Acoustic

The Fuck You Talking Bout…
She Says

Your Face Said Something
   It Said...
I Thought This Conversation Was About Me
Or Even Just A Slight Bit

It Isn't
Its About
The Planes Landing
Every Fuckin' Hour

Its About The Street Traffic
The Construction
The Expansion

You Were Talking About
A Dog Earlier

Idiots Rule

It Was The Dumbest Question I Had Heard From Someone Who Clearly Lives In Los Angeles..Being That He's Wearing An LAX Airport Employee Badge..I'm At A 7-11 At 2:10 In The Morning…Some Cat Walks Into The Place All Slowly Then Walks Up & Down The Aisles..Goes To Where The Beers Are & Finds That They've Been Locked Locked Up…He Then Goes To The Cashier & Asks "You Cant Sell Me Beer After 2am.?" The Cashier Says "No."
Then Looks At Me Like
Can You Believe This Guy
And I Nod My Head Yes…Yes I Believe This Guy

October 17, 2014

I'm The First Person Who Has Something To Say To Myself,When I Say Something Stupid.! ( PARTS 1 & 2 )


 Woke Up 
                                                                Late In The Afternoon
But Then Again I Usually Do
I Got Up
Searched For My Cigarettes
Brewed Some Tea
And Went Outside For My Dose Of 
Vitamin D

The Sun Was Warming My Bones
I Held My Arms Out
My Face Up
& My Nose Caught
The Burning Scent Of A Breakfast
Which Made Me Hungry

The Sky Was Beautiful
I Could  Hear The Morning Traffic On Manchester
The Honks For
"That Fuckin' Idiot Up Ahead"
Or The gentle Rattlin'
Of Some Homies Car
Now Is Not The Right Time To Be Bumpin'
Ya Dig.!

I Never Did Find
 Those Cigarettes
But The Tea & The Sun
Enough For Me

I Continued Staring
Wide Eyed & Dumb
At The Cars
Slugging Along Manchester

The Smell Of Burnt Tortilla
Car Exhaust
Filled The Air Now
Bringing Me Back To
My Initial Thoughts

Which Were Nothing At All Really
That I Was Trying To See
How I Felt About Going Back To Sleep 

October 15, 2014

Midnight Walk To The Liquor Store For Some Cigarettes

And I'm Dreading The Same Ol' Cats That Stand Out Front
Of The Store

Tonight Was Cooler Than Past Nights
I Mean They Were Humid & Everyone
Only Seemed To Complain About How Quick
Their Iced Coffees Became Warm Cups Of Coffee

I Don't Really Need Cigarettes
I Was Done Sitting In The House Doing
These Meaningless Chores
Like Cleaning Dirt From My Fingernails
& Seperating Los Angeles City Smog Soiled Clothing
That May Be Washed Within The Week
Or Not

As I Get Across From The Liquor Store
And Right Under The Sign That Reads
Not To Be Kickin' It Within A Certain Amount Of Feet
From The Store
Gather The New Age Wino
Rockin Some Brand New Kicks
& Sippin' On Some Schnapps
From A Little Black Plastic Bag
These Cats Done Moved Up From Drinkin' Forties
To Sippin' On The Good Good
& STILL Hit On The Ratchet Moms
That Pull Up
Jump Out
& Rush It In To The Store
To Pick Up Some
Pom Pom's
& An 18 Pack Of Modelos In A Can

And I'm Dreading The Same Ol' Cats That Stand Out Front
Of The Joint Bummin' Dollars
Even Change If Thats All You Have
As They Say

Some Of The Records  Artists In No Particular Order : Jack McDuff,James Brown,El Coco,Open Door,A Nu Jazz Version Of That Roots Joint "You Got Me,Soul Stirrers,A Group Called Smith,Count Basie Doing A Beatles Cover,Major Lazer, Miriam Makeba Plus A Little Bit Of Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite.!

February 05, 2014

Rock n Roll Records For The Vinyl Siesta.!

Some Records That Were Played 
As I Washed My Clothes
Drank Tea & Smoked Mad Cigarettes

Catching Up On Things
This Wednesday
Plus It Was A Nice Day

You Can Listen & Watch To The Set

1,000,000 From R.E.M.'s Album Chronic Town

Coma Girl By
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

Perfect Situation By

Tell All The People From The Doors Album
A Soft Parade

Orion By

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I Do Not Own The Copyrights To These Songs.! 
But I Do Own The Records Which Are Played For Your Listening Pleasure.!
 Recorded on 2/5/2014