October 18, 2012

You're Never Alone On Your Birthday

He Sat Alone At The Bar 
Eating His Usual Breakfast Of Diced Ham & Scrambled Eggs
He Dipped Pan Con Mantequilla
Into His Cafe Con Leche

Watched The Oil From The Butter
Swirl In The Coffee
As He Casually Swiped 
Bread Crumbs Away
& Shooed Vistors

Utensils Clanking
Sometimes Caught His Attention
Reminding Him Of Wind Chimes
& How The Chimes  
Brought Luck
& The Knowledge That Winds Existed 

He Shakes His Head
& Kinda Laughs
Cause He's Sitting There
Having A Conversation
With Himself..

He'd Look Over His Shoulder
Every Time Someone Walked In To The Eatery 
One Of Those Fans That's
Suppose To 
Keep Flies Out
Kicks In With It's
Loud Mechanic Whirly Sound
Like Its Letting People Know 
Its Doing Its Job

Only To Turn 
Right Back Around
To Find The Only 
Smartest Fly
That Got Past
The Big Gust Of Wind
Chillin' On His Coffee Saucer Plate

And He Says
It Must Be Your Birthday Too
You Fuckin' Fly
& The Fly Diabolically Rubs His Legs Together
As To Say
Yes It Is
So What Are We Gonna Get In To
And He Says
I Dont Know
But There's Gotta Be Music

October 16, 2012

Taco Tuesdays,Ficheras & Some Corridos

Birds Chirping & A Small Dog Barking
With An Occasional 747 Landing At The Near By Airport 
Is The Soundtrack 

As I Sit Behind The Shades
In The Early Morning
Puffin' On A Blunt
Trying To Come Up With Some
Cleaver Shit To Write

I Am Reminded By A Random
Invite From A Friend
On Facebook
That It's 
Taco Tuesdays

And That I Have Too Make It Out
To The Event Cause
It's Like Ten Bucks
For A Bucket Of Tacos
Or A Basket Of Those Coronitas 
They Sell At Ones 
Favorite Fichera Bar

So Before I Walk On Out
In To The Cool Streets Of
Los Angeles
And Enjoy
Some Tacos
At Fichera Night
At A Local Bar

I'm Gonna Hit The
"Maybe" Button
Cause Taco Tuesday
Is An Everyday Thing
For Me

I Eat Tacos Just To Eat Tacos

But I've Never Sat With A Fichera
And Eaten Tacos
While Corridos
Are Bumpin' From Out The Juke Box
They Just Want Another
Little Beer.
..Maybe A Little Dance

October 11, 2012

My Wandering Eye

When I'm Deep In To 
The Selection
At A Second Hand Store
And The Selection Of Records

Besides The Album Art
I Tend To Start Really Lookin' At The Stickers
That Are On The Album
They Have A Story Of Their Own

These Are Just A Few From A Recent 
Come Up

1.Body Slam 12 in. 
B Side Is That One Joint
I'd Rather Be With You
The Record Has A Special Thanks To All
The Body Slammers On The Dance Floor

2. The Limited Edition
Purple Vinyl
For The Purple Rain 
The B Side Is A Song Called
Prince Ain't Lyin'

3. Independent Records
Took Two Bucks Off
The Regular Price
On This 
One Way Release
And It's A Full Album
Compared To The
Next One

4. The Last One
The Giant Single
By Cameron
On Salsoul Records
Magic Of You

I've Picked Up 
Close To 100 Records
From The Second Hand Stores
I've Been Hittin'
In The Last 
2 Months 

Now That I've Been Able
To Kick It
Chill Out
As I Am Writing This
And Listening To A Record From That Pile

Lakeside's Song
About A Man & His Love
& And The Song Sings

I'm Strung Out On Ya Honey
Make Happy
Make Feel Alright

I Look At The Record Cover With
The Group Dressed As Pirates
Then Laugh A Little
Cause One Of 'em Has 
A Parrot Chillin'
On His Shoulder
A Map In One Hand
With The Other In His Pocket
While The Ship Seems To Be Rockin'
On The Fantastic Voyage

October 03, 2012

Ticket Stubs

I Usually File Away My Ticket Stubs
Right After The Show So That I Dont Lose 'Em
These Where In A Stack Of Business Cards One Collects
Over The Years

They Replaced My Baseball Card & Stamp Collection
Years Ago
I Sometimes Pull 'Em All Out
Look At The Dates
The Event
Which Group Played
What City
And I Sometimes
Cant Even Remember
What Happened On that Day
But I Have The Ticket Stub
And Maybe One Day It'll All 
Come Back To Me