October 16, 2012

Taco Tuesdays,Ficheras & Some Corridos

Birds Chirping & A Small Dog Barking
With An Occasional 747 Landing At The Near By Airport 
Is The Soundtrack 

As I Sit Behind The Shades
In The Early Morning
Puffin' On A Blunt
Trying To Come Up With Some
Cleaver Shit To Write

I Am Reminded By A Random
Invite From A Friend
On Facebook
That It's 
Taco Tuesdays

And That I Have Too Make It Out
To The Event Cause
It's Like Ten Bucks
For A Bucket Of Tacos
Or A Basket Of Those Coronitas 
They Sell At Ones 
Favorite Fichera Bar

So Before I Walk On Out
In To The Cool Streets Of
Los Angeles
And Enjoy
Some Tacos
At Fichera Night
At A Local Bar

I'm Gonna Hit The
"Maybe" Button
Cause Taco Tuesday
Is An Everyday Thing
For Me

I Eat Tacos Just To Eat Tacos

But I've Never Sat With A Fichera
And Eaten Tacos
While Corridos
Are Bumpin' From Out The Juke Box
They Just Want Another
Little Beer.
..Maybe A Little Dance

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