October 18, 2012

You're Never Alone On Your Birthday

He Sat Alone At The Bar 
Eating His Usual Breakfast Of Diced Ham & Scrambled Eggs
He Dipped Pan Con Mantequilla
Into His Cafe Con Leche

Watched The Oil From The Butter
Swirl In The Coffee
As He Casually Swiped 
Bread Crumbs Away
& Shooed Vistors

Utensils Clanking
Sometimes Caught His Attention
Reminding Him Of Wind Chimes
& How The Chimes  
Brought Luck
& The Knowledge That Winds Existed 

He Shakes His Head
& Kinda Laughs
Cause He's Sitting There
Having A Conversation
With Himself..

He'd Look Over His Shoulder
Every Time Someone Walked In To The Eatery 
One Of Those Fans That's
Suppose To 
Keep Flies Out
Kicks In With It's
Loud Mechanic Whirly Sound
Like Its Letting People Know 
Its Doing Its Job

Only To Turn 
Right Back Around
To Find The Only 
Smartest Fly
That Got Past
The Big Gust Of Wind
Chillin' On His Coffee Saucer Plate

And He Says
It Must Be Your Birthday Too
You Fuckin' Fly
& The Fly Diabolically Rubs His Legs Together
As To Say
Yes It Is
So What Are We Gonna Get In To
And He Says
I Dont Know
But There's Gotta Be Music

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