August 23, 2013

Happy Hours & The Union Of Drinkers

I Remember Getting Off Work
Round 5 ish
And Going To The Local Bar
For A Couple Beers

I Would Always Make It A Point
To get Out Of My "Work Shirt"
The Simple Act
Made Me Feel Like "I'm Done With Work Today"
Time For A Brewski

A Few Months Back
This Young Dude
Got Hammered
And Ended Up Puking
In His Drink
Still Wearing His Work Uniform

Some People Don't Know How To
Leave Work...At Work.!

And His Coworkers
And Carried Him Out Of The Bar

They Too Wore The Same Uniform

August 06, 2013

Bus Stop Porno Salesman

I'm Sitting At A Stop Light
On Florence & La Brea
He's Standing At A Bus Stop
Doin' A Little Dance
When He Suddenly Halts
Pulls A DVD From His Bag
And Shakes It Like Sayin'
I Got A Little Sum Sum Right Here
The Cat In The Car In Front Of Me
Shakes His Head..No

Curious I Look Up At The Vendor
And Notice It's Actually A Couple
Of Porno's
And Just As Fast As All This Happened
He Fumbled To Put Them Away As The
Metro Bus Pulled Up

The Traveling Sales Man
Always On The Hustle
Tried To Make A Quick Buck
While The Traffic Was Stopped
Didn't Quite Happen
But He Hasn't Even Finished
His Route

July 09, 2013

Bombilla...A Third World Sound System Joint.!

Summertime In Southern California
People In Taped Up Cars
Rollin' Into The Night
Poncho Sanchez
Riding The Smooth Rhythm
Of That Besame Mama Joint

Bombilla Sound System Calentura 

I Often Sit Up Late At Night
Listening To Records 
Straining My Stoned Eyes
To Read The Inner Sleeves
& I Can Feel The Record Dust
Build On My Fingertips

I Usually Fall
& Wake Up To The 
Record Spinning 
On The Last Groove

I Don't Think It's Good
For The Needles
To Be Running Like That
Cause It Wears Them Out Quickly
But Just As Quick 
I'll Go Out
& Score New Ones...
..Needles & Records

Bombilla Presents Third World Sound System
Wednesdays The 10th & 24th Of July
At The Carbon In Culver City
Come Out & Dance
It's What Your Body 
Really Wants You To Do
During The Summer

May 01, 2013

Social Media,Love & Whiskey

In Not So Many Words She Said 
Look At These Tits 
The Sweater Was Small & Pink 
But I've Seen Enough Daytime Talkshows
To Know Her Bra Was Too Small
For What She Was Displaying 

Her Date Would Occasionally Poke At Her Boobs
Dude Knew 
Other Dudes Were Checking Her Out
It Almost Looked 
Too Sad
The Way He Made It A Point To Say
I Came With This Bitch

She Had That 
I'm Tipsy Demeanor 
And He Had That
That Made Their Relationship
Look Like 
A Craigslist Match Made In Heaven

She Stumbled Up
To The DJ Booth
With A Shot
Handed It To Me
Said Something
That Sounded Like
Followed By A Well Seasoned
Drunks Smile

As I Smelled The Nasty
Stench Of Whiskey
I Returned The Smile Cause...
I Don't Like Whiskey

She Continued To Stand There
As If She Was Waiting For Me To Drink
The Shot
Maybe Even To Hear
Possibly Even Dance
To The Song She Believes
Is Gonna Be Played

From The Bar
Her Lover
Gives Me The Thumbs Up
Right Before He Goes
Back To Updating His
Social Status
To Friends Who Thinks He's A Pimp
On The Other Side Of The Country