April 17, 2012

Pretty Lady & Beautiful Music #BOMB

I Usually Make Several  Prototypes Of A BOMBILLA Flier Before Settling On One.!
The Next BOMBILLA Is On Saturday April 28th With Special Guest DJ GAZOO.!
What Do You Think Of This Flyer.?

*Once A Month I'll Try To Do A "Soundcloud Round Up" Where I'll Share Some Very Cool Music I've Been Enjoying.! 
*Courtesy Of Soundcloud & The Artists & Producers.!
  *Support The Movements Of The Artists & Producers.!
 Enjoy The Sounds.!

. Yeguà by muggiti Triky Tiki Ta by Buyepongo Tabla beat science - Secret Channel3 by ibccomic Balkan Beat Box - Hermetico (Balkan Hotsteppers Remix) by Balkan Hotsteppers Chong X - Para Qué by chong-x

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