February 23, 2011

It Does Say "In God We Trust"...Doesnt It.!

So I pull up to exit the parking structure and I get charged three dollars.I tell the cashier I have some change for you today.She says "This isnt a Korean Laundry Mat." And I say "Everytime I pull up you guys ask me for change or smaller bills." She says "No we dont." I say "Yes you guys do."
She busts "This isnt a Korean Laundry Mat." Again. "Really?" I answered. "It's not like I'm handing you North Korean Coins." Then she says "That's Communist Korea..I'm not from that Korea." I ask her "Do you enjoy the United States?" She says "Yes." Then I tell her "After you count the change to see if it's all there...can I have a reciept." She says " This No Korean Laundry Mat." And I think to myself if That Korean Laundry Mat is in The United States...its gonna take ALL the change that has "In God We Trust" on it that I hand to them.

As the arm raises to let me out..she says "Thank You" and I ask How do you say that in a North Korean Laundry Mat?" She closes her window and looks away unsatisfied and angry she has to work the graveyard shift.


  1. I was in Miami, FL for a visit and was pumping gas when this old Cuban man walked up to me and asked me "You Speak-a Pansish?" I said with a straight face "No I Speak-a Englich"

  2. e-i-e-i-o' brother.