February 03, 2011

I Just Hate It When The Recordplayers Are Not Hooked Up.!

Just about everyday I go thru these records...and often find something I did not know I had...or that pile of records that I bought at a thrift store...three month ago..and I still have'nt listened to 'em

Just about everyday I...pull a record here...place it over there..and vice versa.It gets nerve rackin'..wishin' there was just an easier way to keep 'em all in order.

It's almost like..being in a little record store..I can sit in here for hours..looking at covers...all the while playing a whole different record...

Just like a record store...but I've already paid for the records..which let's me get lost in grooves and the cover art work..

Some where bought at thrift stores..or garage sales...or just donated to the revolution..the cause...WHICH IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!!

I think every DJ knows how it feels...when they get home...with a vinyl record...new or used...how much..it sucks...that the recordplayers are not hooked up when they get home...ready to listen to those records.

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