January 26, 2012

The Taco Truck Had Music Coming From Out The Stereo Speakers..

What Was The Occasion?
The Beautiful Evening Or
The Motorcycle Gang Of Ramp Agents
Partying & Smoking Blunts
Drinking Beer & Burnin' Rubber.
In The Parking Lot.!

All I Know Is
I'm Waiting For My Tacos
When This Cat
 Who Had This
Real Dumb Look On His face
Walks Up & Stands Next To Me.

 He Asks If I'm In Line.
And I'm thinkin'
I'm Nowhere Near The Ordering Window Boy-O
 But I Just Say Nah.!
He Says OK
     & Skittles On By.
 Thats When I Noticed That This Dude Is..
...Fuuuucked Up.!
He's Swayin' BIG TIME.!
Dude Doesn't  Even Know What The Fuck He's Gonna Order.!
 He's Just Trying Not To Fall Back.!
 Lookin' Around...

This Dude Looks Like He's Fifteen
       He's A Security Guard At The Airport
       His Sloppy Uniform & An  L.A.X. Badge Gave That Away
Outta The Woodwork Comes His Lady
To Take The Money He's Got Crumpled In His Hand
To Pay For The Food

He's Combative
He's Got That
               Bitch-I-Know-What-I'm-Doin' Thing Goin' On
And The-Baby-I-Love-You Thing Comes In To Play
Every Time She Catches Him When He Falls Backwards
                                                                     To Guzzle Water
As If It Were A Bottle Of Cheap Booze
And He's The Rock Star
In A 80's Heavy Metal Video.!

And His Lady
Who Was Watchin' Out For Him
Looked Like His Mom
She Had This Look Like
I Hope He's Not To Drunk To Fuck Later.

Now Thats Love I Thought.
Must Be The Music Comin' From The Taco Trucks
Sound System.!

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