January 19, 2012

Connecting Wires,Spinning Records,Dust Bunnies & Trying To Keep My Chucks Clean.!

It's 2012 & The Los Angeles Weather Has Been At It's Best.! Warm Summer Like Days & Chilly Wintertime Nights.! Just Like I Like It...Happiness Is A Clean Pair Of Socks & Every American Deserves A Clean Pair Of Socks.! I Once Answered My Own Question... ..Why Cant I Wear Socks On My Hands? Answer... ..Cause Thats What Mittens Are For.! #stupidcubandudeproblem
This Was The First Broadcast Of 2012 Put Together With Records That Were Just Lying Around In Arms Reach In A Dark Room Stoned & Slightly Hungover I Play Records & I Play Them For You.!

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