May 01, 2011

Beautiful Night..and Awkward Hugs (Douche Bag Balloon)

The Cougars stubbled out drunk.!
Talkin' bout my husband's sittin' at home
with the kids.!
And the Kids were out
in the backyard rollin' on "E".!

New bars and old bars
..the drunks repeat the same scenario.!
In an instant the vibe can change.

I watched and watched..
drank and bummed cigarettes
shook hands and smiled
..then the awkward hugs..
more you know
what each other are talkin' about.

In one Joint the DJ's
were rockin' out
The sound..
soundin' like a garage radio on blast.

At the other spot
a band whispered covers..
..the locals
showed them love.!
snappin' they're fingers
and givin'em the
"Fuck Yeah" head nod.

There was a Bouncer wearin' a wife beater..lookin'
like a real cocky fuck
..this Cat workin' on some hot chick,who ended up leavin' her
behind for the Vultures...
..real classy like.
Happy Birthday Hugs
being shared by strangers
Two Nu-Hippie chicks
..talkin' about the Redwoods..
..and I'm starting to think
would anybody notice if
I start drinking PBR.!

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