January 30, 2012

Pretty Cool DJ

I jump in my car
                      to warm it up.
And I sit and Tweet
                       something stupid.

Then put it in to Drive
                            and pull out in to the World.
My pants are dirty
       The car smells of cigarette butts
               and I'm low on gas.

From the radio comes
                a backyard boogie classic
                   that the Hipster DJ's in Silver Lake
                                 wont play for fear of being called
                                  "A Pretty Cool DJ".!

I'm gonna drive nowhere
       and think of a thousand things to say

Go to the record store and 
                 buy some records

Eat something greasy
and eventually end up 
smokin a cigarette
drinkin tea
and Tweeting 
something stupid like...
I'm DJing for
A Friend 
of a Friend
who knows
the Mayor of Inglewood
 Baby Shower.!
and hashtag it

Then someones gonna retweet it
and add a hashtag of their own

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