January 25, 2011

Is Shy Girl Still With Puppet

A Couple Crates of Long Negleted Records were donated the other day.

These records...came in very bad condition...out of their proper sleeves..some dusty and cracked.
I smoked cigarettes while I handled them..and everytime I handle old negleted records like these I just picture all the years these records once entertained someone.

The scribble of a teen girl "La Shy Girl Con El Puppet"

The classic darkening of a tooth..from a singers headshot...maybe even a mustache penciled in.

These records once defined someone's life...made them happy...made them long for love..made them wake up in the morning and get their hustle on...maybe even made someone tie one on..in a bad way.

These records were neglected..now being cleaned up..by me....who wants to bring them back to life..if the grooves permit.

Putting out my cigarette...Lookin'at my dirty,dusty fingertips...I Wonder
..If Shy Girl is still with Puppet?

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