January 10, 2011

A Box of Old Dusty Cassette Tapes

I believe everybody has a box of old cassette tapes sittin' around somewhere...they're almost like photos...when you have 'em in your hand...they take you back to better times...or maybe even bad times...none the less they were your bestfriend...especially that "mixtape" someone gave you.I remember splicing the tape back together when they would get tangled up in the mechanism & you had to rip the tape outta the deck...then there were those one tapes that sounded like they were being played underwater.But many for me have their own personality...I'm just wondering how that Bon Jovi tape got in this box.


  1. i have boxes full of dusty tapes... i used to have this westside connection/marilyn manson mixtape back when i was in 5th grade in 97-98. my very first recordings of the band & beats were recorded into a tape deck.

  2. You should upload them and broadcast them on The Pillage one day!!