January 18, 2011

BOMBILLA (Friday 21st,2011) Orgins Of Bombilla!

BOMBILLA came about one rainy night in DTLA.On our break from spinning records Eazy Uno and I got to talking about records and how as youths we remembered the family sitting around the recordplayer listening to the records our fathers would play and how we were not to touch our fathers records.Years later we would end up with those records in our collection as we started to get deeper into DJing.

Those records (My Fathers Records)are worth more to me than any other in my collection.Some have his name written on the covers which makes 'em even extra special..they take me back to when I was a kid.When I play those records I feel my father is right there with me..telling me to spin this song and then that song.

So with Eazy Uno,Orion Escobar and Slops Rox...BOMBILLA will come to life.!Dope Records and Good Times!!!

BOMBILLA is a an homage to Family,Friends and Those Great Vinyl Records!!.Come Enjoy The Records and Dance and Enjoy Life.!

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