April 15, 2011

Dance,Music,Sex,Romance And That Damn Nicotine.!

As a DJ spinning a Prince song or songs during a set is a given.Last night I saw the power that this Sexy Mother Fucker has over people.!The show was SUPER DOPE.!

Living just blocks away from the forum..I can't remember the last time I went to a show there since the Lakers moved to Downtown...and I've seen a lot of shows there.

We parked down at the Vons and walked two blocks up Manchester Blvd...missing were the Jesus Saves Heads that would hang out underneth the Forum sign on Manchester and Prairie before and after the show.

As you got closer to the enterance you start to notice the color purple everywhere.Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was ever gonna be at a Prince Concert.

My ticket read Section/Aisle:Col 29 Row/Box:7 Seat:1 WELCOME 2 AMERICA PRINCE 21 NITE STAND Thu Apr 14 2011 7:30pm...But I was never one to sit in my designated seat..I tend to enjoy walking around and trying to get closer to the stage eventually getting two rows from the floor.

The stage was in the shape of the "Symbol" right dead in the middle of the venue so there was'nt really a bad seat in the house.

The ticket was $25...Parking was FREE for us...but ranged in 10 to 20 bucks...Imported Beer $15..Domestic $13..Bottle Water $4..I didnt really bother looking at the food prices.The Merch Booths were selling T-shirts, Tour Books,necklaces and tamborines with the symbol on 'em..hell they were even selling purple berets.

The New Power Generation Killed it.! The Back Up Singers Killed It.! The show was just AWESOME.! Most definately gonna try to catch one more show.!

I thought the show was over when Sheila E. came out they busted "Love Bizarre" so I just walked out with all the other people when the song was over...but I aint gonna lie...I was dying to smoke a cigarette & thought it best to just to "go for a walk" to get my mind off of cigarettes..ended up walking home...and blocks away from home a lady was...out...on the floor and some young dude was on the phone calling for help...and I said to myself.."Damn,These people must've gotten really fucked up at the concert"..but it was an unrelated insident...I guess someone forgot to take their medicine.


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