November 14, 2012

The Solicitor On Monday

Call Me A Sucker
But If And When Someone
Approaches Me With...
..Excuse Me Mister
I Give Them My Ear
I Open My Heart
Or Anything Else
To Help Them In Any Way Possible
InTheir Time Of Need

Yesterday A Man Entered 
The Subway Joint I Was Eating At
And Began His Story

Sorry To Bug You
I Know You're Eating
I'm A Vietnam Veteran
I've Been Living In The Bushes
& Haven't Shaved Or Bathed
In A Month
And I Cant Take It Anymore
I Really Need A Haircut Too

I've Seen Homeless
People Before
In Worst Conditions
And This Cat
He Didn't Look Like
He Crawled From Out Of The Bushes
He Didn't Look  Like Someone
From The Vietnam Era
If Anything The Dude
Looked To Be Around My Age

None The Less
I Reached In To My Wallet
Which Had A Jackson
And A Washington
And Hand Him A Buck
The Rest Was All The Money I Had
Until The Weekend
Today Was Monday
And I Have To Stretch
That Twenty Out Till Friday

He Takes The Dollar
And Says Is That All You Have?
I Reply Thats All I Can Afford
To Help You With

He Puts The Bill Down On The Table
And Says
I Dont Think You Understand
And Goes In To Repeating
His Story To Me

I Say I Understood Perfectly Fine
What You Said
But It's All I Can Afford
To Give You

Right At That Time Some
Younger Athletic Dressed Cat
That Came In
Minutes Before Him 
Comes Up 
And Hands Him A Bag Of Chips
The Dude Takes The Chips 
 Throws Them
And Says Whats A Bag Of Chips Gonna Do For Me
I Need To Take A Shower
I'm A Vietnam Vet
You Piece Of Shit
I Killed Kids
Then Storms Out

I Looked Around To See If Anyone
Just Witnessed This Outburst
But Everyone Went On Like
Business As Usual 
Even Though It Was Quite
I Finished My Soup & Tuna Sandwich
And Hoped He Wasn't
Sitting On My Car
Talkin' Bout
Can I Give Him A Ride Somewhere

Cause Fuck No
Not After The Whole
Potato Chip Tantrum
My Friend
The Whole
Potato Chip

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