November 21, 2012

After Hours With Miss Sue Brands Records

I Just Pulled This Sarah Vaughan Record
Which Belonged To A
Miss Sue Brands
Who Lived
In Urbana,Illinois
On The
700 Block Of West Michigan Street

Sometime During Her Life
She Packed Up Her Belongings
& Shot Out West

I Dont Know What Ever Happened
To Miss Sue
& What Led Her To Part
With Her Album
I Just Hope That She's Just Cool
That This Record Is Chillin'
Along With Plenty Of Other
Pre Owned  Records

And That
The Great Times
Of Vibes Past

The Ghosts Of Countless Hours
Of Listening To What Comes
From It's Grooves
Coming Thru The Speakers
In Surround Sound

That This Piece Of Vinyl
On A Record Player
 Being Played
To Spin On

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