November 20, 2012

1964 Chevy Unicorn

Dude Looked Like He Could've Been 
Anybody's Homie From
The Neighborhood
Who Started Off Drinking 
From A Bottle Of Wine
From The Time 
I Had Arrived
At Nine o'Clock

He Sat Most Of The Time In The Back
Of The Room
He Seemed To Be Saying A Lot
Cause He Was Using His Hands A Lot
 To Express Himself

Occasionally He Would Get Up
Off Of His Bar Stool 
And Walk Outside
To Hand Talk To
About A Shitty Job
He's Been Working At
For The Past Four Years

I Continued To Spin Records
All The Way Up To Closing Time
And At That Time
He Wants To Come Up 
And Ask If He Could
Spit A Couple Bars
And I Guess
 He Thinks The Time Is Right

The Time Is Now For Everyone To Hear Him
Rap About Life 
As A Thug
Who Needs Love
But Look Yo
He Ain't No Hoe Bro
Get It Straight
He'll Fuck You Before
You Fuck Him
Type Shit
That We've All Heard

So I Tell Him In A Polite Way
This Was My Last Song Of The Night

His Big Ol Talking Hands Drop
As If They Had Nothing More To Say
And Even Though I First Saw Him
Drinking Vino 
He Was Drinking A Brew

He Picks Up His Beer
& He Stumbles Away

I Later See Him In The Parking Lot
As I Jump In To My 
1964 Chevy Unicorn
To Go Home 
I Hear Him Slightly Slur Out
Thats A Nice Ride Bro
As I Flew Away


  1. LOL! nice freestylin' on this one DJCreepy #gotserved

  2. :) FINALLY Someone Comments.! #ThankYou