November 07, 2012

DJ Creepy s Eye Records

The Images 
That Led Up & Became
A Reality
A  Car Ride Thru The City
Of Lennox
On A Gritty Street
Named Inglewood Ave.

On A Wall
In A Hall
Lookin' At Propaganda

With Music Possessing
The American People 
To Paint Their Faces In Celebration
And Dance
To The Selectors
 (Gazoo,Eazy Uno & Bianca Oblivion Pictured )

I Will Document
The Time
Even At The After Hour Party
In A Parking Lot
Of A Hidden
Taco Truck In An Alley
Near A World Airport

Eye Record 
So's Not To Forget

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  1. i lost your damn card again! will you email me at pleeeeease??? thx!!