November 11, 2012

The Fruit Loops Standing In Line...For Some Groceries

Standing In Line At The Grocery Store
Listening To The Music
Playing In Between
Commercial Advertisements Of Frozen Meals For Two
& The Holiday Delights In The Bakery Section

I Realize The Lady Ahead Of Me 
Is Coupon-ing Her Way 
Thru A Shopping Cart
Full Of Shit
Boxes Of Cereals
Gallons Of Sugar To Drink
Rolls Of Toilet Paper
AND Paper Towels

She Had Just About Everything
In The Store In Her Cart
I Thought To Myself
Awesome She's Saving Money
There Was Something Sexy About That

Then She Leaves The Line To Got Get The Yogurt 
She Forgot To Get
And That's When The Whole
Sexy Thing Went Out The Window

I Turned Around To See If Any Of The Others Saw This Happening
The Stood 
This College Kid Rockin' A Famous Stars & Stripes Hoodie
Looked High Ass Fuck
Completly Stoned
Even Lost In His Simple Thoughts 
He Stared At The Balloon Section
Mouthing What The Balloons Read
And His Lady Friend Was Just Runnin' Thru'
Pictures On Instagram
& Thumbin' The Like Button On Every Photo

The Woman Returned With The Yogurts 
Two Big Ass Bags Of Frozen Hot Wings
And A Bag Of Oranges
Made Her Way Back To Her Position
In Front Of The Line
Saying Please
And Thank You All The Way
Till She
Passed Me Up And Said
God Bless You Mister

I Smiled
And Replied
I Have A Coupon For That
The Cashier Looked At Me Like
No You Didn't

Then I Smiled At Her Like
 Yes I Did
Looked Back At The
Potheads Behind Me To See
That They Had Switched Up

Now He Was Loving All His Friends
And Family's Posts
And She Was Diggin' On
The Big Bright Balloons

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