August 31, 2015

Play The Damn Record..I'll Buy You Drink Or Throw A Couple Bucks In the Tip Jar

I often get requests for songs

stupid requests
like for the new shit
that is basically shit

But I try not to be a dick about it
I just smile & say
I'll see about working it in to the set

Even though I know
I don't have the song

But I ask them
do you not like what I'm playing now
and most of the time
the response is 
"Fuck Yeah..But.."

Still I smile
with the feeling 

being fed up with hearing

I used to Dj in  couple years ago in
New York 
and that Ibiza thing
before i had a kid
or I know what these people wanna hear 
type shit

All I'm saying is

That's dope

but didn't you hate when cats are asking
for  songs  like 

you're or are doing the same shit to me right now

Everyone's a DJ
especially now a days
there's more DJ's now a days
that when i started
 spinning records

and my over analizing ass
knows this

feels this
with a feeling
of a worthless
with a semi drunk

Wo doesn't wanna request a song
but wants to be seen
with the Dj as he plays 
songs that make people

considering breaking
In a little breakdance of they're own

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