August 07, 2015

i don't like drinking

…but when its a bad night
the drama 
from your good friend the drunk
the one
you can't take anywhere 
as far as his 
parents garage
since 1997

to the mentally weird cat that
perfumes of working
three jobs
for the last four days in a row
and not showering ass

i don't like drinking

with some people its cool
its fun
no one trippin
no one bugging

i don't like drinking cause
i say things that are
and some people have been…
..lets put in a song

ive been drinkin
i've been drinkin
i get filthy when that liquor get into me
Imma stinkin and still drinkin
 im drunk in loooooooove

but you can't blame them
you cant blame them
i dont like drinking…
by myseeeeeeelf

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