August 23, 2012

Solomon,A Camera & A Record Store

These Are Pictures My Son Snapped Up
Of One Of Our Numerous Trips To The 
Local Record Store

He's Been Around Music 
Before He Was Even Born
I Remember Handing Him An Obie Trice 12in Record
When He Was Able To Sit Up By Himself
& The First Thing He Did Was Stick It In His Mouth

On This Day 
Like Six Months Ago
I Gave Him The Camera
& Said  Him To Take Pictures Of Whatever
He Wanted To Take Pictures Of
I Was Curious To See
What He Was Gonna 

These Are Pictures My Son Snapped Up
Of A Trip 
To The Local Record Store

He Currently Loves Michael Jackson
The Hip Hop
Some Rock n Roll
As Long As It Isn't Too Loud
& Dances To The Latin Grooves

He Goes By The Name
DJ Sollie Sol The Super Sonic Samurai 
Or By Solomon
But Whatever His Name Is
He Often Brings A Smile To My Face
& I Will Love Him Unconditionally 

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