August 22, 2012

That Funky Festival In The City They Call Long Beach

#Larry & I Pulled Into The Parking Garage
At About Noon
Paid The Attendant Ten Bucks
& Drove Up To The Second Level

The Air Conditioning Was Blarin'
We Smoked A Blunt
Checked Our Phones For Texts
Gathered Our Stuff
& Shot Out Into The Heat
I Had An Umbrella But It Really Didn't Help Much

We Arrived At The First DJ Booth
DJ Antwone From The Ghettoblaster & Mean Mr.Mustard
Were Getting Ready To Start It Up

Gazoo Shuffled Us Off To The Main Stage
Where I Proceeded To Make Myself At Home
I Recieved A Gold Wrist Band Which Allowed Me
Basically Total Access To Back Stage

I Sat Under The Tent That Provided Shade
& Just Watched The People
Surprised That After An Hour Of Smokin' A Blunt
& Being In The Sun That I Was Still Stoned

This Is What Comes To Mind If Someone Asks
Sum Up The Funk Fest..

The Heat
DJ Gazoo Going From One DJ Booth To Another
With A Clip Board (Non Stop)
DJ Antowne Cutting Up A Shirt To Make A Slipmat
People Asking #Larry Where He Got The Shirt He Was Wearing
DJ Joelskee Showin' Up & Setting Up
Ivan Nevelle's Dumpstaphunk Did An Awesome Cover Of David Bowie's "Fame"
Gallons Of Ice Cold Water That I Drank
Being A Foot Away From Dennis Coffey While He Sat In During A Cover Of
The Temptations "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone"
With Monophonics
Who Killed It Themselves
Those Cats Got Soul.!
The Brides Of Funkenstein's Guitarist Looked Like A Female Version Of Bootsy Collins
The Alley Way Between The Main Stage & The Other Stage
& How There Was This Cool Breeze Blowin Thru It
& We Chilled In The Cut Before Heading
To The Other DJ Booth
Where Danny Holloway Was Layin' Down The Vibes With 45's
Then Ralph M Took Over

By This Time I Was Completly Exhausted
Sitting On A Silver Case
My Eyes Began To Get Heavy
So Heavy I Was In That
My Head Is Falling Back
Cause My Body Wanted To Go To Sleep
& DJ Sloe Poke & Dennis Coffey
Where To Get On
But We Bounced
Jumped In To The Truck
Hit The A/C
Headed Home

Only To Wake Up
Pulling Off
At The Manchester Exit
& Seeing The Big Ol' Randy's Donut
& Thinkin'
Damn I Had A Looong Ass Day
But I Had A Blast At The Funky Festival
In The City They Call Long Beach.!

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