June 20, 2012

King Hipster Of The Night Time World

The music was just as musty as the place was
Of course you can hear it
But it was just background music
Everyone was plain sweaty,drunk & coked the fuck out

As I stood at the bar trying to get a drink
A couple of guys thought it to be smart & started
A little hipster mosh pit
The After Hour Hippie slash 80's New Wave chicks
Started yelling: Fuuck You.! You Fuuckin Assholes.!
And began pushing back

It was all over before it even started
The guys used the whole dilemma
To get closer to the bar & get some kind of attention from the ladies
And the ladies seem to have found
An Asshole to buy them drinks

Or was it the other way around
I cant quite remember
The lights had me disoriented
The music muffled out the sound around me
All's I know is there was alot of
Hollywood After Hour Hippie slash 80's New Wave shit going on
And some had MORE than others

Outside stood the scene
Either Texting,Bullshittin' or trying to be the coolest hipster
The World has ever known
In a lot of broken bottles & red plastic cups
And not one has a cigarette but everyone is smoking.!

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