June 21, 2012

It Ain't Cool If You Ain't Got No Radio

Is it me or is it that all the streets & highways in The City of Los Angeles
seem to all be worked on at the worst possible times.
During lunch hour on Manchester Ave.
All the way in to the International Airport
In the evening when you're trying to get to that one Soup Place in Little Tokyo
Or my favorite dive bar in DTLA
The 10
The 710
The 105
The 101
Is nothing but a mass confusion of
flood Lights
safety cones
blinking & flashing yellow lights
red & blue lights
and rumblin' heavy machinery 
Just about every highway is being reconstructed
Which is cool if you're smokin' a joint
& ain't the driver

But it definitely ain't cool if you ain't got no radio in yo whip.!

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