March 29, 2012

Stoned,Drunk & R.E.M. Records | Video

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I Remember
Looking Over A Man Made Lake
Somewhere In The Outskirts
South West Miami
Trippin' On L.S.D.
When I Heard R.E.M.
Blarin' From
Some Chicks Busted Ass Honda Civic

I Had Listened To Them Before
But I'm Guessin' The Acid Had A Major
Embedding R.E.M.
In My Mind Forever

The Car Was Fucked Up But The Sound System Was Dope
Or Maybe I Was Too Doped Up To Realize The Car Wasn't Busted
    It Was Just That The Sound System Was Fucked Up

In Any Case
The Music Reminds Me
Of The South:
With All Its Open-ness
I Never Felt Cluttered
               Or Choked Out By A City.        
The Humidity
Even After It Rained
It Was Like Sitting Outside In A Sauna
              & All The Big Ass Bugs,
Raccoons,Possums & Reptiles
That You Just Dont See In Los Angeles
That Shit Was Craaaazy.!
But I Enjoyed It All.!
Hell It Was When I Walked In To
A Bar In Tampa,
Sat & Drank Beer
& Listened To This Cat
Spin Records
That Made Me Want To Become A DJ

So When I Moved Back To L.A.
& Started To DJ
I'd Find Myself
Like A Sad Professor
Going To The "Rock/Alternative" Sections
& Dig For R.E.M. Records
To Complete The Collection
On Vinyl.

Every Now & Then
I'll Pull Out The Records
Slap 'em On The Turntables
& Go Back To That Evening
Trippin' BALLS
& Wondering
What Happened
To My Fuckin' Shoes.

1.We Walk
2.Gardening At Night
3.So.Central Rain
5.(Dont Go Back To) Rockville
6.Feeling Gravity's Pull
7.Fall On Me
8.Cant Get There From Here
9.Me In Honey
10.There She Goes Again (Velvet Underground Cover)
11.What's The Frequency,Kenneth?
12.Monty Got A Raw Deal
13.Love Is All Around (The Troggs Cover)
14.Exhuming McCarthy
15.Imitation Of Life
16.Bang And Blame
17.Star 69
18.Cant Get There From Here [*Played Again]
19.These Days
20.Driver 8
21.I Believe

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