March 28, 2012

Bumpin' Country Music In Inglewood

It's On La Cienega & Manchester
Heading West
With No Particular Place To Go
When I Realized
That I've Been Driving With The Radio
Dialed To A Country Station.

I Got To Chuckling A Bit
As I Waited For The Light To Turn Green
I Searched For Another Station

There Was The Station Where Hip Hop Lives,
                  Music For Hipsters & Rockaholics
                  Some Lady & Dude Talkin' Bout
                                                              Reforming Something Or The Other.
                  Numerous Latin Stations Playing
                                                           Songs de Amor y TraiciĆ³n 
                 And They All Played Five
                                              After Every Third Song.

I Was Surprised I Didn't Hear Some Cat
Speakin' On The Word Of God
As I Took All Of Three To Four Seconds
Of My Life To Figure Out If I Wanted To
Stay Or Keep The Train Rollin'
On To The Next Dumb Ass Station.

The Light Turned Green
& The Cars To The Left & Right Of Me
       Shot Off
& The White Pick Up Truck Behind Me
Started To Beep Beep
It's Little Beepin' Car Horn

Slowly I Drive Off
Looking In To The Rear View Mirror
The Owner Of The Pick Up Truck
Speeds Up
Switches Lanes
& Now Is On My Left Hand Side
Barking & Waving His Hands
At Me
& I Look & Smile & Say
It's The Fuckin Radio.!

The Driver Shakes His Head
& Passes Me Up
About Six Blocks Up
& Few Minutes Cursing About How This Cat
Was Just A Plain Jerk
I Was Back On The Country Station
& Pulling In To A Parking Spot.

For A Minute There
I Found Myself Saying
Country Music Ain't That Bad
Its The People Who Listen To It
Which Made Me Chuckle Again

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